David Di Rocco


David Di Rocco was working for Mercedes-Benz when he decided to go back to school and complete his degree and move from Florida to Texas.  He is currently seeking his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with a Certificate in Industrail and Manufacturing Engineering.  In 2018, he interned with Acelity (now 3M) in the Validation and Verification Department where he worked on the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Project contributing to the data collection for Food and Drug Administration Certifications.  In 2019, he interned with InCube Labs in the Research and Development and Manufacturing Departments where he worked on two drug delivery projects, and one implantable device to control bladder functions for spinal injury patients. In 2022, he received the Klesse College of Engineering and Integrated Design Undergraduate Research Internship where he worked with the Medical Designs Innovations Lab to manufacture and fabricate proof of concepts for the Mobile Organ Preservation System, The Intrathecal Drug Delviery System, and Multi Stage Polymer Drug Delivery System Projects.  m 2022-2023, he interned with Indo-MIM where he worked on Process Development Engineering in the 3D Metal Additive Manufacturing Department, with a focus on was determining the shrink rate during the various heat treatment processes. In 2018, he participated in the Charter Class for the Quality of Life Plus Organization, where he collaborated on electromyography sensors for mechanized prosthetics. In 2019 and 2020, David was elected to a Senior Officer position for the Formula Society Automotive Engineering Race Team.  David has picked up blacksmithing as a hobby, forging knives and axes for camping.  He aspires to owning and operating Machine shop and Forge of his own.

Active Projects

  • Multistage Polymer Implant
  • Novel Wound Covering Bandage


  • Two-time recipient of UTSA OUR scholarship- Fall 2018-Spring 2019
  • UTSA Deans list -Fall 2018


  • Jose M. Gonzalez, Carorina Villarreal, Anjelyka Fasci, David Di Rocco, Sophia Salazar, Anis Khalil, Brandt Wearden, Jessica Oseghale, Mariana Garcia, Daniel J. Portillo, and R. Lyle HoodEvaluating the Performance of a Nonelectronic, Versatile Oxygenating Perfusion System across Viscosities Representative of Clinical Perfusion Solutions Used for Organ Preservation
  • Elbjorn, M., Provencio, J., Phillips, P., Sainz, J., Di Rocco, D., Lozano, A., Jain, P., Hood, R.LCervical Cancer: An Emerging Device for Targeted Drug Delivery using a Multistage Polymer, In Preparation
  • P. Phillips, M. Elbjorn, J. Provencio, D. Di Rocco, R. L HoodCharacterization of a Polymeric Device for Localized Controlled Drug Delivery to Cervical Cancer, Submitted to SB3C Conference