Active Projects

Novel Endotracheal Tube System (NETS)

Introducing the Novel Endotracheal Tube System (NETS), a pioneering advancement set to redefine airway management during emergencies. Engineered to overcome the limitations of conventional Endotracheal Tubes (ET), NETS reshapes the approach to emergency intubation. With its innovative design and operational capabilities, NETS marks a transformative leap in airway management technology, offering heightened success rates and enhanced efficacy in both civilian and combat emergency scenarios.

Suction Device Family

Introducing the Suction Device Family: SCRAMM, BRISK, and SCEPTRE, three groundbreaking innovations revolutionizing airway management for military and first responders.
This family of devices empowers frontline healthcare providers with cutting-edge solutions to combat airway obstructions in high-pressure environments. With each device tailored to specific needs and scenarios, the Suction Device Family ensures rapid and effective treatment, ultimately saving lives on the battlefield and beyond.

Fiber Optic Microneedle Device (FMD)

Introducing the Fiberoptic Microneedle Device (FMD), an innovative breakthrough driving the forefront of cancer treatment advancements. Engineered to redefine Plasmonic Photothermal Therapy (PPTT), FMD presents a game-changing strategy in battling pancreatic cancer, a condition marked by its challenging treatment landscape.

Versatile Oxygenating Perfusion System (VOPS)

Introducing VOPS, the innovative Oxygenating Perfusion System engineered for organ preservation, primarily targeting kidneys for transplantation. Unlike traditional methods, VOPS enhances organ viability by oxygenating perfusion fluid without electricity, utilizing compressed oxygen for cyclic fluid pumping. Rigorous testing ensures optimal perfusion pressures and flow rates, offering a versatile and efficient solution that could expand the donor pool and improve transplantation outcomes.

Bladder Vision (BV)

The BV system generates 3D models of the inner surface of a bladder detecting abnormalities using computer vision and machine learning techniques.

Multistage Polymer (MSP) Implant

Introducing a groundbreaking project in drug delivery technology – the Polymeric Device for Localized and Controlled Drug Delivery. Leveraging a 12-bead polymer injection mold, this innovative device streamlines the manufacturing process, ensuring precise ratios of Rhodamine B to PCL and PLA. This project lays the foundation for the development of implantable polymeric devices, offering a promising avenue for controlled drug delivery in chemotherapeutic treatments.

Inactive Projects

MIL-STD Testing Supraglottic Airway (SGA) Devices

Supraglottic Airway (SGA) devices are an alternative airway management technique to endotracheal tube intubation (ETI). The major objective of this project is to find the optimal SGA device for inclusion in combat medics’ aid bag by performing MIL-STD-810H tests on commercially available SGA devices.

IV Patency (IVP) Monitoring Device

The IVP will notify medical caregivers when an IV ceases operating in a healthy state.

Chronic Wound Bandage (CWB)

The CWB is an improved wound covering for at home patient use that integrates a externally refillable reservoir and controlled release of healing factors over several days.

Digital Extenders (DE)

A digital exoskeleton enabling substanial lengthening of a caregivers digits, the DE is being developed as a superior tool for laryngoscopy.

Stimson Facilitator System (SFS)

The SFS integrates electrical stimulation, heating, and low level light stimulation into a single physical therapy device to promote better healing of injured joints.