Drug Delivery

FMD is capable of codelivery of laser and drug, and used for convection enhanced drug delivery method.

Fiber Optic

Local photothermal heating with a fiberoptic microneedle device increase the volumetric dispersal of drug significantly.

In Vivo

Live testing of this device has been used on rats providing pertinent data for further research. 

Fiber Optic Microneedle Device

Safe alternative drug administration procedure for carcinoma

Fiber optic microneedle device is a drug delivery platform that leverages light guiding capillary for codelivery of drug and laser. The photothermal effect significantly improves the volumetric dispersal of drug in convection enhance drug delivery method. This device utilizes a hollow core optical fiber coupled with a thin solid core optical fiber and a 30G syringe needle filled with drug. One end of the solid core fiber is connected to the laser source, and other end is fusion spliced to the hollow core fiber. This device can be used for improved drug penetration in cancer tissue, and in blood brain barrier. The project is currently focused on developing an alternate method for coupling the solid core fiber with the hollow core fiber as opposed to fusion spliced method for quick and efficient coupling. Also, the device has the potential to integrate with microneedle array for covering a large area of tissue.