Supraglottic Airway (SGA) Devices

MIL-STD Testing Supraglottic Airway (SGA) Device

Research reported in this project was supported by the Institute of Surgical Research (ISR) through the ORISE Battlefield Airway Management Devices Research program.

Supraglottic Airway (SGA) devices are an alternative airway management technique to endotracheal tube intubation (ETI). Reports have shown SGA devices are easier to use and take fewer attempts to provide patent airflow to the patient when compared to ETI. Military settings require a higher degree of skill to perform airway management on patients due to the environment, limited availability of equipment, and potential chaos of the battlefield. Finding the optimal SGA device for the military setting is of need. No SGA device manufacturer states their device is intended for a military setting. There have been no found reports of military standard (MIL-STD) testing on SGA devices. Therefore, the major objective of this project is to find the optimal SGA device for inclusion in combat medics’ aid bag by performing MIL-STD-810H tests on commercially available SGA devices.