Improve Medical Protocol

By reducing fluid and debris waste, medical professionals may better treat the patient improving performance and survival rate.

Sensor Integration

With a pressure sensor we are able to detect when a vacuum canister is full releasing a canister for disposal.

Energy Source

The power source of the vacuum will be further researched for a viable product for medical emergencies.

Suction Device

Suction Tool for combat and medical emergencies for fluid and debris waste.

In traumatic scenario when the airway is compromised due to the accumulated liquid and solid obstacles including blood, vomit, broken teeth or bone fragments, a suction device is utilized by the emergency doctors for clear those obstacles for inspection, and intubation. In hospital setting doctors have access to permanent setup which are not available to first responders, and combat medics due to the size and weight constraint. The combat medics require a portable, lightweight, and highly efficient suction device for easy carrying and quick operation. Available portable devices in the market are either hand powered and less efficient or battery powered but bulky and heavy. This research developed a light weight, portable suction device specifically for the combat medics which is robust, powerful, and easy to use in any civilian or battlefield emergency.