Improve Medical Protocol

By reducing fluid and debris waste, medical professionals may better treat the patient improving performance and survival rate.

Sensor Integration

With a pressure sensor we are able to detect when a vacuum canister is full releasing a canister for disposal.

Energy Source

The power source of the vacuum will be further researched for a viable product for medical emergencies.

Suction Devices

Suction Tool for combat and medical emergencies for fluid and debris waste.

SCRAMM (Pictured Left and Center): Suction Combat Ready Advanced Multi-functional Machine (SCRAMM) is a groundbreaking suction device, purpose-built for the challenging conditions of infield hospitals and combat medical scenarios. Addressing the critical need for effective airway clearance, SCRAMM’s versatile design incorporates multiple suction lines with independent pressure controls, catering to a wide range of medical emergencies from oropharyngeal suction to wound cleaning and hemorrhage control. Its lightweight construction, a standout feature, offers significant advantages over leading market products, enhancing portability and ease of use in fast-paced and demanding medical environments. This multifunctional machine stands as a pivotal innovation in emergency medical care, providing comprehensive, efficient, and adaptable solutions for infield medical teams.

List of Achievements:

  • Conferences: BMES 2023

BRISK (Pictured Right): Battlefield Ready Innovative Suction Kit (BRISK) is a portable suction device for combat medics and first responders to perform oropharyngeal suction onto the patient suffering with airway obstruction.The Airway obstruction is a blockage in any part of a patient’s airway and is often caused by salivary secretions, hemorrhage or the accumulation of vomitus, broken teeth, bone fragments and other debris that prevent natural air circulation. Clearing the blockage is the first procedure in airway clearance, which is achieved by human power by tipping the patient, manually powered devices, or battery-operated devices. Current commercial portable suction devices have not been evaluated for key performance measures in the prehospital domain, let alone combat casualty care.  BRISK is lighter, stronger, smaller, and operates in all orientations with its orientation independent filtration system. The elimination of orientation dependence addresses a common issue observed in suction devices, preventing performance failures caused by device tipping or unintended orientation during use.

SCEPTRE (Not Pictured): The project aims to design and produce a compact, lightweight, and disposable suction device tailored specifically for use by medics and front-line healthcare providers in military settings. The primary goal is to address the critical issue of airway obstruction and compromise, which ranks as the second leading cause of preventable battlefield traumatic deaths.

By developing such a device, the project aims to significantly improve the capability of medics and frontline healthcare providers to address airway obstructions promptly and effectively on the battlefield, ultimately saving lives and reducing the burden of preventable traumatic deaths.