Organ Circulation Perfusion

The Versatile Oxygenating Perfusion System (VOPS) excels as a perfusion system, efficiently circulating fluid through organs, with a specific focus on preserving kidneys for transplantation.


The VOPS redefines convenience with its compact design and freedom from electrical dependence. Its portability empowers medical professionals to seamlessly integrate organ preservation efforts in various settings, from hospital environments to remote locations, revolutionizing the accessibility and flexibility of organ transplantation procedures.

Non-Electronic Operation

The VOPS stands out by eschewing electricity, employing compressed oxygen for cyclic fluid pumping. This distinctive feature not only simplifies its operation but also makes it more versatile than electronic organ perfusion systems.

Versatile Oxygenating Perfusion System (VOPS)

Organ Preservation Device

Introducing the Versatile Oxygenating Perfusion System (VOPS), a groundbreaking non-electronic perfusion system meticulously crafted for the preservation of organs, with a primary focus on kidneys for transplantation. Unlike traditional methods, the VOPS circulates fluid through organs, enhancing viability by oxygenating the perfusion fluid. Notably, it distinguishes itself by operating without electricity, utilizing compressed oxygen for cyclic fluid pumping, offering a simplicity that surpasses electronic counterparts. Rigorous testing involves evaluating tubing lengths and fluid viscosities to fine-tune perfusion pressures and flow rates, ensuring optimal conditions for human kidneys. The VOPS’ simplicity and absence of electronics position it as a versatile solution for prolonged and enhanced organ preservation, potentially expanding the donor pool and elevating transplantation outcomes.