Reduce Recovery Time

By introducing a device which can target damaged tissue using multiple treatment methods, recovery time is minimized.

Modality Based Device

Thermotherapy, electrical stimulation, and low-level light therapy are just the initial modules being implemented, more to come…

User Controlled Interface

A controlled interface is established to provide user preference in distribution of modality. 

Stimson Facilitator

A Multipurpose Treatment Device

Shoulder Dislocation Rehabilitation is soon to get a makeover with the Stimson Facilitator. The primary focus of this product is to improve the range of motion gradually over time by implementing modalities such as thermo-therapy, electrical stimulation, and low-level light therapy. These modalities are known to relieve pain, improve circulation, decrease swelling, and reduce muscle spasm. The key lies in the arrangement of the modalities which will maximize the effectiveness of each treatment. It is with this brace, combined with the appropriate range of motion exercises recommended by physical therapists that this objective of reducing the average recovery time from three months to one month will be achieved.