Controlled Drug Release

Introduce a time consistent drug delivery system could change how we go to the pharmacy and perhaps take vitamins or treatment.

Noninvasive Proceadure

Our goal is to produce a new standard of drug delivery which is why we are constantly finding new methods of reducing product dimensions.


The Multi-polymer is designed to biodegrade within the body, after the drug delivery has been completed over its designed time span.

Multistage Polymer Drug Delivery System

Biodegradable Drug Delivery System

We are developing a novel biodegradable, 3D-printed, polymeric implant utilizing a combination of different geometric shapes and composite structures to achieve quasi-linear release of biomolecules. This implant will be administered through minimally invasive injectable techniques. Relying on polymer degradation upon implantation, the Multistage Polymer Delivery System (MPDS) will provide customized biomolecule release dependent on the polymer combinations and implant geometries utilized.