Reduce the time of heal

By considering biological and environmental variables (i.e. Wound Oxygenation, Microbial growth, etc..) the wound healing process should be reduced significantly. 

Two Key Properties

This bandage will be not only be able to address fluid leakage, but will also be able to release drugs at a controlled rate.

Prevent Amputation

Reduce likelihood of amputation with continuous wound care.

Modern Wound Bandage

A Novel and Active Bandage for Accelerating the Healing of Chronic Wounds

The goal of this project is to develop a new and improved wound covering bandage for patient at-home use, that integrates healing factors delivered through controlled drug delivery. This improved bandage will increase healing by addressing issues related to: wound oxygenation, microbial growth, and limited growth factor distribution to a surface wound. As this problem is tackled, it is our hope to increase tissue regeneration of necrotic tissues and decrease the amount of amputations in the U.S that is directly associated with chronic wounds.