Novel Architectured Material

Utilizing bistable beam mechanics as well as bistable lattices have been explored for this project.

Sensor Feedback

Provide the airway professional a real-time feedback system through tissue detection, and expansion pressure sensors.

In Progress

We are supported by the San Antonio Medical Foundation, and in collaboration with UT Health Science Center and U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research.

Endotracheal Tube Design

Utilizing Smart Materials and Sensor Feedback

Airway management has become one of the most dangerous procedures occurring in civilian and military settings where constrictions prevent the emergency responder from intubating a patient correctly. The Endotracheal Tube (ET) is the most widely used medical device for emergency responders however without proper medical training pre-hospital success rates are reduced significantly. The ET has many drawbacks when certain situations call for them, the current design performs poorly upon severe temperature change and does not fully account for anatomical variations of patients. Locating the trachea could sometimes be difficult with an error rate of 23 % (civilian). Pre-hospital events where an endotracheal tube is implemented in cases of emergency fail at rates ranging from 5-38 % (civilian) and 70 % (combat).