Emmanuel Oluga, B.S.


Emmanuel Oluga is the current Graduate Student Association (GSA) Chair in the Medical Design Innovations Laboratory for Spring 2023. He is currently pursuing an M.S. in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the College of Engineering and Integrated Design at The University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA). He received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UTSA as well. His current M.S. is focused on Image Processing and signal processing for Data-Intensive Computer vision applications.


Emmanuel is very passionate about medical device design and has been a proud member of the MDI lab since 2021. In 2021, he designed the Electrical system for the BRISK airway clearance device project and contributed to the development of the Machine learning algorithms for the Bladder Vision 3D image reconstruction Project. In 2021, he began his M.S. Project on Computer vision-based Markerless Motion capture of human Biomechanics for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Lower Limb Musculoskeletal disorders.


Emmanuel is currently working toward completing his Project for which he won a 2022 National Science Foundations ICorps Funding award, and was recognized with the 2022 UTSA Annual Innovation Awards. His current project focuses on Image processing and builds on the knowledge from his 4+ years of experience in the Medical device design and healthcare fields. This began from his internship at Incube Labs where he tested/validated Implantable pulse generators for organ stimulation, after which he led the Cloud native and data-driven information technology division at Insight Mental Wellness. Ultimately, Emmanuel hopes to be a good role model of human excellence in the MDI Lab and beyond.

Active Projects

  • BladderVision
  • Markerless Motion Capture of Human Biomechanics


  • 2022 UTSA Annual Innovation Award