Gabriela Pineda, B.S.


My name is Gabriela Pineda and I am a Mechanical Engineer junior at UTSA. I was born in Peru and moved here going into third grade. Ever since, I have resided in San Antonio, Texas. After my freshman year in college, I was an intern in Mission Pharmacal where they concentrate in producing over-the-counter and dietary supplement products. Consequently, I worked at the Built Environment Science & Technology (BEST) Laboratory at UTSA during my sophomore year where I worked on modeling and simulating energy supply and demand systems of large-scale buildings. I joined the Medical Design Innovations (MDI) Laboratory in the Spring of 2019 and took part of the Limb Preservation and IV Patency Monitoring Device projects [need links]. I have been fortunate enough to have received three engineering scholar awards during the Spring of 2019. After a long time of seeking a specialization that I love in my major, I have decided to specialize in Design and Control of Mechanical Systems. I will be graduating in Spring 2020 and will continue on with my master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering Design.

Active Projects