Jacob Provencio, B.S.


Jacob Provencio hails from El Paso, Texas, and earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Currently enrolled in the Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering Joint Program between UTSA and UTHSCSA, he delved into experimental testing and publication for the Multistage Polymer Drug Delivery project in the spring of 2023. Transitioning his focus in the summer of the same year, Jacob is now dedicated to enhancing intubation devices through the development of a Novel Endotracheal Tube System, surpassing existing gold standards.

Before joining the MDI Laboratory, Jacob served as a 3D Printing Engineer, contributing to the research and development of military-contracted projects. His efforts revolved around advancing lean manufacturing practices for the Selective Laser Melting 3D Metal printer. Throughout his undergraduate journey, Jacob actively participated in organizations such as the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the Mexican American Engineering Society, Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, and Hispanic Professional Engineers. In various roles, including volunteer, treasurer, and community service coordinator, he showcased his commitment. Outside academia, Jacob invests his free time in crafting strength and weightlifting equipment for Fierro Fitness.

Active Projects

  • Novel Endotracheal Tube System
  • Multistage Polymer Implant



    Elbjorn, M.; Provencio, J.; Phillips, P.; Sainz, J.; Harrison, N.; Rocco, D.D.; Jaramillo, A.; Jain, P.; Lozano, A.; Hood, R.L. An Innovative Polymeric Platform for Controlled and Localized Drug Delivery. Pharmaceutics 2023, 15, 1795. https://doi.org/10.3390/pharmaceutics15071795

    Conference Publications

    P. Phillips, M. Elbjorn, J. Provencio, D. Di Rocco, R.L. Hood University of Texas at San Antonio Characterization Of A Polymeric Device For Localized And Controlled Drug Delivery To Cervical Cancer SB3C2023-657