John-Paul Bonansinga, M.D.


John-Paul Bonansinga is a graduate physician, who is pursuing a master’s degree in Advanced Manufacturing & Enterprise Engineering. He is a combat veteran who was assigned to 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment from 2004 to 2008. Dr. Bonansinga deployed extensively as a Foreign Service Officer in support of Department of Defense missions between 2009 and 2017. As the founder of Forge Applied Science & Technology (“F.A.S.T”), he led the rapid development of the company’s flagship point-of-care UV-C sterilization reactor during the first 16 months of the pandemic. He graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas with a BS in Neuroscience in 2016, with undergraduate research in neurodegenerative disorders. Dr. Bonansinga will continue his medical education in 2023 with specialty training in Emergency Medicine. His Master’s thesis will focus on the utility of ultraviolet sterilization in the hospital setting while collaborating with teams developing new airway technology.

Active Projects

  • Multistage Polymer Implant
  • Combat Suction Device


  • Provisional Patent filed “Devices, Systems, and Methods for Disinfecting and Sanitizing Materials”
  • Evelyn Knott-Woodley Scholarship
  • Horatio Alger Scholarship
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt 1st degree
  • Ranger Tab, U.S. Army Ranger School Class 01-06
  • 1/75th Ranger Regiment Scroll Combat Service Identification Badge
  • Combat Infantryman Badge
  • Expert Infantryman Badge