Nestor Falcon moved to San Antonio from Austin to gain experience and a computer engineering degree from UTSA. Gained leadership experience as the Workbench Coordinator and Trip leader for UTSA Campus Recreation leading other students learning white water kayaking and served several hundred students through collaboration with UTSA PD for Bike Maintenance events on campus. Learned PCB design through experience contracting for a startup company dialaninsect, and with the endotracheal detection device at MDI Lab. Patent pending, first author, and podium presenter for SPIE Paper 10852-6 “Innovative Computer Vision Approach to 3D Bladder Model Reconstruction from Flexible Cystoscopy”. Additionally, helped develop and found a startup company EnVault that provides companies a replace for mobile gas generators with a seamless green power option using current battery technology. Has ambitious goals in life to pursue a doctoral degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics, work in the space industry, and become an astronaut.

Active Projects

  • Bladder Vision


  • Podium Presentation at SPIE 2019
  • UTSA Great Grant Award
  • OUR Scholarship Spring 2019