Saketh Ram Peri, M.S.


Saketh Ram Peri is from Hyderabad, India and is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering in a joint program between UTSA and UTHSCSA. He graduated with a Masters of Science in mechanical engineering from University of Texas, Arlington. He has four years of professional experience in research and development of medical devices with Beckman Coulter and Amgen at Los Angeles, California. At Beckman Coulter, Saketh worked on R&D of hematology machines in designing chassis, fluid panels and tube routing. At Amgen, he developed disassembly methods for container closure integrity of auto injectors and performed risk and failure mode analysis on different auto injectors. He is currently leading the portable suction device project in design changes and grant submissions. Apart from engineering, Saketh is a professional photographer and enjoys doing photography in his leisure time.

Active Projects

  • Suction Device