Sophia Cavanaugh


Sophia Cavanaugh is a dedicated undergraduate student pursuing a Biomedical Engineering degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Proficient in software like AutoCAD Inventor and SolidWorks, she contributes as an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Medical Device Innovations Laboratory, focusing on the development of a Novel Endotracheal Tube System. Sophia’s skills include 3D design, printing, and comprehensive research. Active in engineering competitions and collaborative events, she is a founding officer of Quality of Life Plus and a member of various professional societies. Beyond academics, Sophia engages in community service with organizations like the ASPCA Humane Society.

Active Projects

  • Novel Endotracheal Tube System (NETS)


  • Assisted The Society of Biomedical Engineers to victory in the UTSA pumpkin-launching contest- $1,000 prize


Conference Publications