Priya Jain, M.S.


Priya Jain is working on her Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering in a joint program between UTSA and UTHSCSA. She is currently leading the Multistage Polymer Device team in fabricating a biodegradable, polymer implant for localized drug delivery. She also contributed on the Suction Device project and the Digital Extenders project. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and then worked at Houston Methodist Research Institute for 2.5 years as a Research Assistant. While she was there, she helped collect and analyze data for an R01 on HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis that ended up receiving close to $4 million in funding. Her research interests include developing new and innovative platforms and devices for drug delivery in nanomedicine, biomaterials, and cell culture. Currently, Priya is project lead for the Multistage Polymer Device team and contributes on the Suction Device Team. In her free time, Priya is learning how to play the guitar and enjoys painting and baking.

Active Projects

  • Multistage Polymer Implant